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Don't leave your special day to chance. We work tirelessly to ensure a stellar reputation. Here's what our clients have to say:

My wife and I hired Kaleena to recommend vendors and help with the day of wedding coordination, as well as the rehearsal dinner. Kaleena made sure that everything on our wedding day went smoothly. We chose all of our own vendors for our wedding, so having Kaleena's services were imperative for the day going well. We could not be happier with Kaleena's work. We truly would not have had a successful wedding day with out her.

​- Bryan

Kaleena is both amazing at what she does and fabulous to work with. I would not have gotten through my wedding weekend without her. She not only helped me find my wedding vendors, she was available for countless emails, phone calls and face to face meetings to discuss all of the details. She went above and beyond leading up to, and during my wedding. She was the face that guests could turn to with questions, the expert to work with all of the vendors and she truly allowed my husband and I to enjoy our special day. Her services were by far the most invaluable of the entire weekend!

​- Kaitlin

I just can't say enough good things about Kaleena! She made my big day such a success & I couldn't have done it without her! I thought that I could do all of the planning myself but I had no idea that it was going to be so overwhelming. Kaleena calmed my nerves & made me feel so much better! She took right over & helped with my table decorations. Her suggestions really saved me a lot of money & everyone talked about how beautiful they were. Her ideas for centerpieces were so creative (loved all the gold glitter!) & they worked so beautifully together. It took so much pressure off of me to have Kaleena put together all of the decorations & then to set it up for me. She even put together a candy station for me that was color coordinated with my wedding colors. It was a big hit! 

I would highly recommend Kaleena to anyone looking for a wedding planner. She is very professional & prompt at getting back to you. She understands how important this day is to you & wants to be sure that you are happy & comfortable with all of your selections. Kaleena's experience will help save you time & money as well as ensure that your day is a success!


​Hiring Kaleena to be part of our wedding was the best decision we could have made. We are 100% certain that our wedding would not have been what it was, had it not been for Kaleena. 

Originally, we were looking for someone to help us coordinate "day-of" events. We were doing most things ourselves and wanted to take comfort in the fact that on the day of our wedding, we didn't have to worry about who needed to be where when. 
From the moment we started working with Kaleena, we felt that comfort. She went above and beyond. Kaleena knew when to offer and when to listen. She knew where to find exactly what we were looking for. She had vendors up her sleeve when ours fell through. She understood our need to include our parents. Kaleena had no problem being our voice and making sure everyone was on the same page, and that it was our page. 

Kaleena found us a florist. She went back and forth with them on the design of our flowers. She got us exactly what we asked for and even went back to them when we changed our minds. Kaleena found us a DJ who matched our unique cultural and personal requests. She quickly rallied the troops and pulled together a catering team when ours pulled out 20 days before our wedding. She found bartenders that kept our guests happy all night. She knew our wedding location inside and out and helped us make the best use of it. Kaleena helped re-set up for the rehearsal dinner after we found out we set the whole thing up with the wrong linens. She made sure the DJ didn't play any music we didn't like. She made sure we weren't writing checks at the end of the night. She made sure all of our little requests were met (like ringing the church bells as we walked out of the church!). She even brought us lamb during cocktail hour because we were busy taking pictures. I could go on for hours. 

Kaleena made us feel like we mattered and like we deserved perfect day we got. 
Thank you for everything Kaleena! We truly couldn't have done it without you!!!!!!!


Kaleena is absolutely amazing! From the very first meeting she was able to calm my nerves. She is brilliant with coming up with any design you think you might want. Whether it be centerpieces or how to set up your tables, she was on top of it. The day of my wedding it was so comforting knowing that I could just relax and get ready and know that she was handling everything. She was very patient with our rowdy groomsmen and even a guest that had one too many. We actually never knew about that guest until after the wedding! She is the definition of the perfect wedding coordinator.


Kaleena was AHHHH-MAZING. She offers a huge variety of services from planning and designing your decor to day-of coordination. I had hired Kaleena to help with the ceremony rehearsal and day-of coordination, as well as the reception coordination to make sure all the vendors came on time, etc. She also helped with the rehearsal dinner.

I had worked with her when she was my best friend's wedding coordinator and I knew immediately I needed her for my big day! She covered every detail and did it with a smile. I never once worried about someone running late or something going wrong at the ceremony or reception because I was so confident she would be handling everything, and she absolutely did!

When my flowers arrived late and I noticed they were a little brown on some of the petals, she was right there to take photos for me to send to the florist after the wedding, when I completely forgot to tell the limo driver what time to be back at the church, she called them without hesitation and figured it out. I literally did not have to worry about anything!

She's such a sweetheart and is so concerned with making sure your day is perfect. You need Kaleena in your life if you are ever planning a wedding...trust me!


We had rave reviews from everyone about what a great time they had at our wedding. We certainly did too!! Laura, Karina, Scott, Leslie, Warren, Nancy and Ryan all send their best to you.   Everything was so wonderfully organized and beautiful.  We are so grateful to you for making our wedding such a perfect weekend.

-Sharon K

Hiring Kaleena to be my wedding coordinator was the best decision I ever made! I initially did not plan on hiring a wedding coordinator because I am very organized and I thought I could handle it but I later realized I really wanted to enjoy the day. From our initial consultation to the day of the wedding she made me feel comfortable and at ease. She was very quick to respond to e-mails and offered great suggestions. Everything was perfect and if it wasn't, Kaleena never let it show. She took care of everything, we even ate at our wedding. She made sure that we always had what we needed as well as our guests and paid great attention to detail. So many family and friends commented on what an amazing job she did with a smile on her face the entire time. I highly recommend Kaleena's services, I don't know what I would have done without her!


Kaleena, Thank you for helping us coordinate another successful Annual Meeting. Your service was exceptional.


Wow! What an incredible turn out last night! And double wow to your quick thinking in making everything happen the way it did! It was touch and go in the beginning, but oh man, you pulled it off! You were fabulous! It was so great to work with you and hopefully we can work together again in the near future. Thank you for all your hard work...I really appreciate all that you did!


Thank you for everything you did to assist us in having a most successful event. From my initial inquiry to you about holding an event to getting coffee last minute for me yesterday. You made this event the easiest I have organized.


Kaleena, Thank you for not only creating a gorgeous reception, but for also patiently breaking down the event planning process. For our first fundraising venture in Concord, we received rave reviews. I truly appreciate your professionalism and support.


Dear Kaleena: I can't even begin to thank you enough for all you did to make this happen for Sara and I. You were gracious with your time and energy. We pulled off a perfect event! Sara was so surprised, and that was because of you. You helped make this perfect. Sara and I will never forget it. THANK YOU!!!!!

-Sara & Sid

As always, it was delightful to work with you. I really appreciate all the work you put into setting up, making sure our guest speaker had what he needed to do the power point, getting the extra mic., and generally being helpful, unflappable, and so very welcoming to us and our guests. 


Thanks very much for taking such good care of us at our event on June 14th. Our attendees had a really nice time.